Roger Feron

Roger Feron

Lecturer - Bachelor of Art and Design

Roger created his first animation in 1998, which was the start of a long and rewarding CGI based career.

Working in advertising in the early 2000's, Roger animated various TV commercials for clients such as Vodafone, Telecom (now Spark) and SC Johnson. As a specialist character animator, Roger took up teaching in 2006 and created the current Bachelor of Art and Design degree's Year 2 and 3 Character and Creature Animation courses at Media Design School.

In 2008, while the CG industry was still fresh in New Zealand, Roger created NZCGI, an online forum for New Zealand based 3D artists. It proved a popular gathering spot for artists learning their craft and sharing their ideas. In more recent years, Roger has started to explore visual storytelling through live action film. Apart from shooting his own short videos, he was commissioned to create a video for the Chromacon art festival in 2019.

Research/ Industry Projects:
Chromacon Art Festival video: https://vimeo.com/358415926