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The final project for students studying in the Graduate Diploma of Game Development is to work together as artists and programmers and create a game from scratch.

The mini-3D projects (Montezumania and Shadenfreude) are six week (two-week preproduction, four-week production) projects,  where students experience a game production pipeline for the first time. The six month project (Dead Steel, Sklumlord, Discord) takes students on a journey from initial concepts to final execution and gives them real world experience which will prove crucial in the all important job hunt.

So what do you need to do?

Download the games, follow the instructions on the word document provided with the installer.

To download, click on the game icon below:

For your information, the download sizes are:
Dead Steel = 210MB
Discord = 210MB
Sklumlord = 371MB

Final Production (Six month projects)



Mini Production (Six week projects)