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Media Design School is New Zealand's most awarded tertiary institution for creative and digital technology qualifications. It's where you come if you want real-world experience in a place known for its award-winning graduates. It's where you come if you know a job is something you have to do 9 to 5, but a career is something you want to do 24/7. It's where you come if you want industry-mirrored teaching from expert faculty who can help grow your creative talents.

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Our Environment

Media Design School is situated in a modern high rise building in the heart of Auckland's Central Business District. Spread over six different floors that cater to each digital discipline, this campus is unlike any other design school in New Zealand. You'll be spending each day in a studio-like environment that fosters creativity and innovation. Using state of the art, industry aligned software and technology you'll be working to live briefs and creating characters, creatures, and campaigns that are beyond your wildest dreams. No day will ever be the same as you work alongside our award-winning faculty and industry connections to produce an outstanding creative portfolio.