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Behind the Project: A Lesson in Group Destruction


Ever wanted to blow stuff up on your computer without actually blowing your computer up? Here, Bachelor of Art and Design's Brian Samuels talks us through the degree's popular Group Destruction formative.

The group destruction formative is an exercise in fracturing, melting, and blowing stuff up using both the Autodesk Maya and SideFX Houdini software packages.

A still from one of the Group Destruction formatives.

At the beginning of their third year, all of the students are provided with a basic Mars Destruction environment that contains a few key elements, including asteroids and a departing UFO. The students then work together in small teams over the course of five days and each person creates an element of destruction to contribute to the film.  Finally, they integrate all of these effects into one short movie.

A still from one of the Group Destruction formatives

Interested in seeing the final product? The below example was created by third year students Jeang Jenq Loh, Ben Casey and Eric Andersson.