Real or Render is back for 2022!

Is it real? Or is it rendered? It’s up to you to determine which images are real and which images have been rendered digitally to create a photorealistic image in MDS’ Real or Render competition.

Real or Render asks participants to view a series of images; some of which are photographs and others that have been created entirely in 3D modelling software by our second year Bachelor of Art and Design students.

Give it a go to see if you can determine whether an image is real or rendered and you could be in to win a $500 PB Tech voucher.

Our Bachelor of Art and Design lecturer Simon Heath says that learning the art of photorealism is an important aspect of training for students who are truly determined to enter the 3D Animation and Visual Effects industry.

"At the end of their second year, our Technical Direction students are given four weeks to compose their own still life photographs. The students are responsible for coming up with the concept for their chosen image as well as the pre-production, photography-in-studio, production and post-production stages of development."

"The students are then asked to to reproduce the same photograph as closely as possible using the skills that they have acquired over two years," says Heath.

"Being able to create assets that are as realistic as possible is crucial, especially as our students go on to create their own short films in their third year. Developing an eye for photorealism is the first step towards being able to create models and environments that replicate real life."

Are you up for the challenge? Play Real or Render here

real-or-render-CROPPED_Artboard 7.png
Is it real? Or is it rendered?
real-or-render-CROPPED_Artboard 6.png
Real or Render?