Welcome to the e-Library for Media Design School students!

Carol, the Librarian’s working hours are 8.30am-3pm Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and she can be contacted by emailing library@mediadesignschool.com.

You are welcome to come onto campus and use the library, we can assist you to find and borrow items from our on-site collection.

As a student at Media Design School, you also have access to a wealth of useful resources through online libraries to support your studies. If you would like to explore what academic articles and ebooks are available to you, go directly to the links below to start your search.

ProQuest Ebook Central

Click on the link and use your student or staff number to access over 200,000+ foundational, scholarly eBook on a seamless platform designed to facilitate online reader. Highlight, annotate and bookmark your eBooks on your own personalised Bookshelf with ProQuest’s Ebook Central.

To access Proquest Central eBooks enter "MDS" followed by your student/staff number e.g. MDS0000001

EBSCO Digital Library

Search 170,000+ eBook titles and four major academic, media, arts and design databases with EBSCOhost.

To access Ebsco Digital Library enter "MDS" followed by your student/staff number e.g. MDS0000001

ACM Digital Library

Search the best in academic literature on computing and information technology here - ACM Digital Library.

For information about remote access, click here.

O'Reilly Digital Library

O'Reilly provides access to case studies, eBooks, and instructional videos, covering business, technology, and software skills.

To access, click HERE, and create an account with your official Media Design School email address.

If you are having any problems logging in to any of these resources please contact library@mediadesignschool.com.