Dr. Maria Walls

Dr. Maria Walls

Programme Leader of Masters of Design

Tena koutou katoa! Dr. Maria Walls (B.FA. Hons [First Class], M.F.A. [Dist], DocF.A.) is currently Head of Postgraduate Studies at Media Design School (New Zealand) —a part of Torrens Global Education Australia New Zealand.

Maria has over 18 years teaching and research experience in interdisciplinary creative technologies, fine art, design, broadcast, media and academia.

Her research expertise is focused on interdisciplinary creative practice, including fine art (see below), design, media and creative technologies. Her teaching and academic research explores emerging interdisciplinary design methodologies, creative technologies and innovation.


Her key interests include: ideation, creativity, design thinking, processes and methodology, innovation, design strategy, design futures, psychology for design, circular economies and sustainability, economics and design, UX/UI/CX, service design, strategic design, augmented, virtual and mixed reality, blockchain technologies, bit-commerce, smart contracts, fintech, health-tech, mind-computer technology, VR/AR/MR/XR, multi-sensory environments, game design, interactive design, creative advertising, motion design, hi-tech, disruptive technologies, business disruption and innovation models, media design, brand and product development, information security, peer-to-peer, SAAS, IOT, digital communications and publication, social media, machine learning and ai, ethics, design sprints, agile method, hacking, automation and robotics, drones, design and business, design and economics, collaboration, mobile and handhelds, smart devices, 3d printing, bio-printing, cloud-based computing, big data, metrics, analytics interfaces, sensors, screens, experience design, service design, sensory design, human technology systems.

Maria Walls is also an interdisciplinary fine art practitioner and writer. She engages with art, itself, as a primary medium of practice. Her investigations range interdisciplinary, institutional critique, cultural capital, technology, intersectionality, the Anthropocene, animals, ecology, sentience, queer theory, futurism and creative research, media, gender and identity slippage, techno-feminism, anti-social practice, alter egos, theatre, cut-up, language is a virus, new language, art writing, interviews, performance, voice, copies and emulations, social construction of technology actor-network theory, activity theory, activism, post-internet art, and modo.


Research/Industry Projects:
Maria works on a range of industry and communities of practice projects, ongoing.

Research Outputs:
Contact Maria Walls directly — maria.walls@mediadesignschool.com

Courses Taught:
• Supervision of higher degree students
• Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Design Studies, including Postgraduate Certificate in Design / Postgraduate Diploma in Design / Master of Design

Current topics include:
Design Research: Connecting Texts, Deciphering Context
Interdisciplinary Design Project: Emerging Contexts
Contemporary Design Issue: Creative Futures
Special Topic Project: Creative Entrepreneurship
Special Topic Project: Design and Economies
Interdisciplinary Design Theories: Dialogues