Bachelor of Art & Design

James Pollard walked straight out of his Bachelor of Art & Design at Media School and into a job with PRP VFX. He now helps produce visual effects for some of the world’s most iconic TV and film franchises.


"My experience at Media Design School was the best four years of my life that I would never change, it was more than just the knowledge, the people you meet along the way are already in the industry and that networking really helped me get my current job", James explains.

The experience James gained during his time at Media Design School helped take some pressure off during the interview. "I was confident in my abilities because of the feedback I'd had throughout my course, I wouldn't say it was a breeze but it meant there were no curveballs in the interview and I could let my passion for the industry come through", he says.

James will shortly be expanding his role to take on additional projects, one of which is "massive" but unfortunately top secret, so we're on the edge of our seats to see what it'll be. He can reveal what gets him out of bed each morning though. "Each day I get to use and develop skills and techniques I've learned over the past few years on productions people all around the world will see. The atmosphere at PRP VFX is great and everyone is encouraging and positive about my work", he explains.

James is also taking part in the prestigious CG Student Awards, an annual event that showcases and rewards excellence in computer graphics. Competing against students from around the world is sure to generate some fantastic exposure for his work. "For me it's about showing what I have learnt and produced during my time at Media Design School. I'm also looking forward to seeing how it stacks up against other students work from similar schools across the globe".