Bachelor of Art and Design

Jake Tuck has been drawing and creating since he could first hold a pencil. Growing up, he vividly remembers watching his first Saturday morning of cartoons and knowing that, when he grew up, he wanted to be in the animation business.


One of Jake's favourite childhood films was Jim Henson's Labyrinth; a film that he would loved to have been involved with himself if he'd had the chance (or had he of been old enough!) because, as Jake puts it: “…being made back in the heyday of animatronic puppet rigs, with some of the neatest designs for characters, it would've been rigging that you got to literally stand next to and shake the hand of it once completed."

Although Jake's love of film and animation started from a young age, it wasn't until High School that the thought of working in 3D crossed his mind: “I knew that the way things were heading, I was going to have to get a computer involved with the creative process if I wanted to take my passion to a professional level."

After studying a Bachelor of Art and Design at Media Design School, Jake took on the role of a 3D Artist at Blockhead Visual Effects, where he is expected to “maintain a vast general amount of knowledge of 3D production, ranging from the beginning stages of tracking and previs, to character rigging and particle/hair/cloth simulation, to texturing and being able to render with a variety of different plugin packages varying from job to job."

What inspires Jake most about working in 3D Animation is learning about the capabilities and testing the limits of 3D software, which he describes as “pretty mind blowing."

“It [3D animation software] becomes more and more capable by the year. I find myself inspired to apply what I've already learned and continue to learn in rigging and simulation by the creations seen for major motion features, video games and commercials,"

“The muscle, skin, fur, and cloth simulations shown in various technical demos, reels, and breakdowns of productions show the many possibilities to achieve making the most sophisticated character and creature rigs possible."

The project that Jake is most proud to have been involved with so far was when he was given the opportunity to conduct research and development and project manage the 2014 Shave for a Cure campaign, as it focused more on design than photorealism, which is what Jake is usually tasked with.

“It was so cool seeing the posters and billboards all across town using my render and composites," says Jakes.

As for his future aspirations? One day, Jake would love to take part in the challenges of being a 3D Artist for other means of production such as a major motion pictures or a video game. “Being a part of a large team and achieving things to reach worldwide audiences would be a fantastic reward," he says.