Elijah Fuamatu

Bachelor of Animation and Design (3D Animation and Visual Effects)

Cultural Heritage: Samoan
Villages:  Leulumoega and Fagali'i


Interests/hobbies: Music, sports, film and food 

What were you doing before you started studying at Media Design School?  

I was student at St Peter’s College in Auckland before coming to MDS. 

What do you enjoy most about studying at MDS?  

I enjoy learning new things about how the film industry works as well as how certain things  are made through visual effects. 

What advice do you have for students wanting to study to MDS?  

I would highly recommend the Digital Creativity Foundation programme because as a former student of the one-year course, I can say with confidence that it helped a lot with my transition into my degree programme. I would also say to newcomers to open-up their minds  to thinking imaginatively and creatively. 

Who has been a positive influence on you, both personally and in your studies?   

For me personally I rely a lot on God, who I pray to when I seek guidance and perseverance. My family has also been a positive influence because they have taught me different things which I try to incorporate in my studies.    

What were some of the initial challenges that you faced when you entered your study?  

I found that I limited myself to what I know and now I keep an open mind to different ideas.  I also didn't have certain equipment of my own but luckily the campus had some I could use during my studies. 

What support has helped you during your time at MDS so far?  

During lockdown I was given an Apple iMac to use from home which helped a lot considering I had no other means doing the work from home. 

What do you hope to do once you finish your studies?  

I hope to be a full time 3D Visual Effects Artist working for Weta Workshop, and from there, explore working for other big film companies. 

Elijah Fuamatu