Graduate Diploma of Creative Advertising

Chelsea Zgierski-Boreyko is a Designer at indie advertising agency Tenfold Creative. Here, she tells us what first drew her to Graphic Design, and the best piece of advice she’s every received (courtesy of one of our lecturers!).


"I have always had a passion for graphic design. To me, it's like an art: creating a visual story out of the written word and composing it beautifully on a page, to not only communicate, but also to provoke.

Growing up I always had a passion for illustration, and creating characters, typography and such. This was never really developed until I went to High School and fell in love with graphic design.

I wanted to continue studying graphic design but in the end I went with Architecture, which I also enjoyed. Once I completed my Architecture degree though, I worked in industry for a few months, but I decided my passion wasn't there. So, after a lot of reevaluating my life and what I wanted out of it, I kept going back to graphic design, so I decided to pursue my teenage dream, and just do it!

I think my tutor Don [Chooi] gave me the best advice I could've received, while I was at Media Design School. I told him at the end of the year that I was thinking of going into advertising and working as part of the creative team. He said something along the lines of this: "Advertising is hard! It's really competitive and people will try and put you down. But Chelsea, you have the potential to be an amazing designer, if you want to be in advertising you have to ignore them and just keep doing what you're good at".

That advice didn't mean much to me then but, after working in industry to a few years, I totally respect what he said now. It is hard and people are mean! But you know you wouldn't have gotten the job if you weren't good and, sadly, you need to grow a thick skin to survive, but that's life, and I respect the value in his words.

Because Tenfold is a small agency, all the designers are treated evenly and we do a full range, from Mac operator jobs, through to final art work, retouching, campaigns, concept design work, and the occasional copy writing. It's a really good place to start out and you have to learn fast! You have the opportunity to gain experience working on known brands, where you get to do actual design work (unlike a lot of other typical junior designer roles).

To be a creative person is a lucky gift in my opinion; to be able to take something, anything, find its potential, and turn it into something beautiful is amazing. And the fact that there are SO many great creatives out there who are willing to share their talents with the world, for me, is my biggest inspiration!"