Diploma in Creative Advertising

Since completing a Diploma in Creative Advertising, Ben landed a job at Colenso BBDO, started a company making sausages that taste like burritos, and was voted one of the top 30 creatives in the world.


"Every month – literally every single month – I get paid. While I appreciate some people reckon they'd do their job even if they didn't get paid, I assume they don't have to pay for things like rent, meat and liquor. That said, working hard every day for something that just happens once a month is just plain silly. So fortunately there are other parts of the job I enjoy: laughing at dumb things, getting stressed about dumb things, the type of people advertising attracts, the attractive people in advertising, the satisfaction of cracking something and the free sandwiches that are sometimes left out after a meeting."

What did you love most about Kate's mentorship when studying at the AdSchool?

"Chairgate was and continues to be a favourite memory. Ask Kate about it sometime - just don't expect her to tell you. Other than that, I loved how she knew what she was talking about but was still patient as our class got up to speed. We actually got on quite well together and still stay in touch to this day."

What did you think you were in for when you started AdSchool?

"That I'd somehow become a clever creative advertising person, I suppose. When I turned up on the first day and one of my classmates had a black eye, I really did wonder though. I figured worst case at least I'd learn how to come up with good ideas - so even if advertising wasn't my future I'd be in a good place."

Any last words for anyone considering taking the AdSchool course?

"If you're even slightly curious, go chat with Kate. Taking this course was probably the single best career thing I've ever done. Ever. Also I've started a company that makes sausages which taste like burritos, you should like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram."