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Teaching yourself Photoshop


If you need to get up to scratch with Photoshop before preparing your application for a MDS diploma, check out these sites which teach you the basics.

Some of the tutorial sites

It’s not always easy to break into the creative field, so any opportunity you give yourself to learn and improve, the better your chances are.

Nearly all of our courses require a creative portfolio as part of the application, and many also require experience with Adobe Photoshop. So what should you do?

Many successful MDS students first applied to the school after being self-taught in a number of design software.? It’s often the case - and with many online tutorials now available, it’s a great way of familiarising yourself with the software before going on to complete a Diploma where your knowledge is extending beyond what you could have imagined.

So if you have access to Photoshop and the internet, the staffers at MDS recommend these tutorials:

If you are planning to enrol in a MDS course but have some questions, email us.

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