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Check out these cool tabletop titles from Digital Creativity


As part of the Digital Creativity Foundation Programme, students are asked to work in teams to devise their own original board games.

They create everything to do with the game from scratch, from the gameplay and the game mechanics and, at the end of their diploma, they invite their family and friends to play-test their brand new games.

Check out these four brand new titles created by our Diploma of Digital Creativity students!

Team Orange -  ARCHONS LIGHT

 Take control of your ship and pilot into the dangerous Volantis Asteroid belt.  Collect resources in order to upgrade your ship as you fight space pirates and compete with other treasure-seekers in a conquest to be the first to reach the centre of the asteroid belt. 

Team Purple - Exodus

Revolt against tyranny or ruthlessly kill your competition in the cyberpunk chaos of Megacity C-8.

Team Red - The Undertaking

Explore a dystopian world in ruins filled  with a society of warriors that celebrate their findings of scrap or junk. Race against other ravenous factions as they fight to promise their chances of survival. 

Team Green - Village Massacre

The creatures are on the loose ... and they are thirsty for blood. Kill the other players, or complete individual missions in order to put an end to the massacre. The last survivor is the winner. 

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