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Steve Rood: Potato


As part of his research practice, Digital Creativity Tutor Steve Rood combines a passion for photography and design with emerging technologies.

UPDATE: Steve Rood is the 2013 winner of the Fullbright-Wallace Arts Trust Award

As part of his research practice, Bachelor of Media Design Lecturer Steve Rood combines a passion for photography and design with emerging technologies.

His recent exhibition - Potato - showcased this passion, bringing traditional photos to life in a digital format.

Potato was made up of a selection of the 35mm slides that Steve has been collecting for years. The images explore themes such as land, water, childhood, immigration and are bundled together to create an unstable experience through sounds and vision.

The result was a gritty, organic, quirky and deliberately simple examination of the New Zealand identity. It is also part of Steve’s exploration into the transition of photography to a digital format.

His next project will build on these ideas - Steve has been invited to curate an exhibition at Wallace Arts Centre that explores the theme: “...it appears we have already entered a 'post-photography’, that moment after but not yet beyond photography”, a quote from Geoffrey Batchen (Each Wild Idea, 2000).

If you are interested in his work, Steve also suggested checking out - Joachim Schmid, John Baldessari and Bill Viola

“Since the photographic medium has been digitised, a fixed definition of the term ‘photography’ has become impossible” - Peter Galassi (Peter Galassi, Andreas Gursky, The Museum Of Modern Art, New York, 2001)

Background: Steve Rood studied photography at the Royal Academy in Holland before completing a Master of Fine Art at Auckland University of Technology, specialising in photography and digital media. He has worked for a number of years as a photographer and interactive designer before becoming moving into teaching. He joined Media Design School in early 2012.