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MDS collaborates with Spanish University to present Multimedia Design showcase


Bachelor of Media Design (BMD) Programme Coordinator Jim Murray recently joined forces with Dr. Marcos Garcia-Erguin (Professor of Multimedia and Graphic Design) from ESNE University in Madrid, Spain, to create a collaborative exhibition that showcased the best of both tertiary providers.

The exhibition was held on 24 April at the Roca Madrid Gallery and featured the works of ESNE’s Multimedia Design students as well as a selection of motion graphics pieces from our very own Bachelor of Media Design students. 

The Roca Madrid Gallery is not only a showroom for the high-end bathrooms that Roca produce. The gallery also serves as an artistic space for visual installations across a range of mediums. The Gallery describes itself as a space where "...the values of design, innovation, leadership, sustainability, and wellbeing are omnipresent." What's more, Roca Madrid regularly features exhibitions from leaders in the creative and technological fields. 

Congratulations to Jim and to all the students whose work was on display in this prestigious modern gallery space.

Hi! My name is Vivienne and I'm from the Admissions team here at Media Design School. Please contact me if you have any questions.