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Game programming students to present The Uprising


Programming students are a few hours away from submitting their Gold on their final game project: the Uprising.

This is it! After eight weeks of hard work, sleepless nights, coding frenzy, the students from the Diploma of Interactive Gaming (all programmers) are about to submit their GOLD on their final project: the Uprising! With their final presentation set for Friday 12 Feb at 10am, they only have a couple of days left of their intense 32-week long Diploma.

Led by Isaac White, as their project manager, the eight students in the team produced a game in eight weeks using C++ and DirectX mainly. And they were only programmers!

The Uprising is an action-style game where the player pilots a ship around a full-3D environment, engaging in fights with other players, collecting power-ups, placing or capturing turrets, destroying prisons, and rescuing Nyaarlings. With two game modes, Rescue? or King of Nyaarlings, the player’s goal will be different.

In Rescue mode, the player needs to gather more Nyaarlings that the other players, and all that in a set amount of time or be the first to reach a specific number of Nyaarlings.
In King of Nyaarlings mode, the player needs to help their King reach the throne in the centre of the map.

We wish all of the students the best of luck for the next step in their games career, with most of them joining the Graduate Diploma of Game Development, starting on the 8th of March.

And if you are around Auckland Central on Friday morning (12 Feb 2010), drop by and listen to their final presentation at Media Design School.