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Frontier winner feature: Sam Knight


We catch up with Sam Knight, winner of Frontier's latest Creative Challenge: The Loop about his winning work before he heads off to Santa Fe!

This is Sam Knight. He's the man behind the winning video of the latest Frontier Creative Challenge: The Loop! This means that very soon Sam will be heading off to Santa Fe to take part in Artfest12 and will have his winning work feature in the Outdoor Vision Fest - see his winning work and more about the amazing First Prize here. We catch up quickly about his creative process, the idea behind his work and his thoughts on a cold glass of Coke.

How did you come up with the idea for your Loop?

"I bounced around quite a few ideas initially, but the running theme in most of them seemed to be a single event involving a group of people. This then reminded me of how I use to find collections of those pamphlet you receive when you attend funerals about the recently deceased, at my Grandfather's. He would see me looking at them and make comments like "Went to that one last week" or "Went to high school with him" or even "He got it right, good morning tea after the service". It would always make me smile how candid he was about the passing of these people he'd known."

How long did it take you to complete it?

"Too long."

Can you shed some light on your creative process?

"It's generally the idea that comes first, everything else is secondary after that (if the idea's rats then the end piece will be rats, no matter how many particles, blurs and lens flares you cram into it...) Then its into the sketch book! I try and get everything drawn up first before I touch a computer. Music also drives my creative process quite a lot, in fact that's where I waste a lot of my time."

How did you feel when you found out you had won?

"I found out from my sister via text that I'd won actually. The Internet had been down at my house since the weekend reducing me to a information hermit. She and her partner sent me texts in the morning congratulating me. I thought at first they were reminding me of the fact I had locked myself out of my house the night before and had to interrupt their dinner to retrieve a spare key, like a winner."

Frontier curveball question - which do you prefer Pepsi or coke?

"For whatever reason e.g Design, taste, nostalgic attachment, branding anything! Pepsi Max wins hands down in any sugar free beverage street brawl! However, nothing can beat a cold coke from a glass bottle on a hot day. Mmmmmmmmmm brown sugar water..."