NZ company brings mobile 3D to life

Pitch 14 Apr 2010 Comments

Pure Depth is a New Zealand company working in Multi-Layer Display technology. Essentially, they’re making it possible to view realistic 3D using mobile devices - without glasses.

And they’re getting close.

Darryl Singh (Vice President Software and Content Development) and some of the Pure Depth team were at Media Design School recently, using students from our 3D Animation courses to test the technology and compare it to others on the market.

Pure Depth enjoys the participation of our students in the testing phase as “they know a lot about content and what matters to the visual experience. They also fall within the demographic for our product.” Pure Depth have a bit of history with the school, having hired some graduates and working with students from past intakes of our Graduate Diploma of Game Development, who spent two weeks enabling the multi layer technology on their final game project.

Essentially the technology uses two LCD layers in parallel, enabling full resolution 3D viewing at any angle - no more having to find that ‘sweet spot’ for best viewing. Pure Depth have already licenced some of their technology for mass production to casinos throughout the USA and Japan, who use the 3D technology on slot machines. It’s a particular market which demands quality - poor 3D and customers will get eye fatigue or tire of the poor graphics and leave the casino, money in hand.

Curious as to how their technology lined up to others on the market, I put my hand up for testing. While my results were discounted at the end of the day due to the information I had garnered beforehand, it was interesting to participate. I was particularly weary due to my ‘delicate’ stomach, which has meant my prior avoidance of 3D experiences. Some of the technology out there had definite 3D, some were completely fuzzy and others, a high resolution 2D experience. I was astounded at the difference in quality out there.

This 10 week project is now nearing its completion and you can expect to hear more about Pure Depth as the 3D world gets bigger and better.

Another stand out Kiwi company.