Gamer Review - Phun

Pitch 08 Oct 2010 Comments

Today we are going to take a break from the game engine reviews to look at something a little less hardcore but incredibly phun! Phun by Algoryx is a 2D Physics simulation sandbox where you are free to create, well anything! The power in Phun comes from its freeform nature. You are able to draw shapes and watch them physically interact with each other, this premise makes Phun very simple to use.

Before sitting down to write this review I had never heard of Phun, by the end of it I was creating articulated ragdoll characters firing out of cannons into large brick buildings. Don’t get me wrong, just because Phun is simple to use does not make it simple, on the contrary it is quite complex! I hate to use a dried up cliché but you really are limited by your own imagination (and to some degree, understanding of engineering principals).

You can create gears, hinges, motors, springs, change material properties, run 2D fluid simulations, combine all these things together and you can create some very interesting contraptions. I could imagine using Phun as a teaching tool in schools as it would make a nice change of pace from the dry textbooks I used to get as a child.

The community support for Phun is spread quite wide also, there are tips and tutorials and sample files which are available to download from the phunland wiki (see links below). There are some very interesting minds out there who have created incredibly elaborate, almost sentient creatures.

Phun is a free application, it has downloads for PC, OSX and Linux and is currently in beta, but a very stable one; I didn’t run into any issues in the time I used it. Take a look at the youtube video below, which shows Phun in action, the screen shots really do not do it any justice. It has spawned another application called Algadoo, which unfortunately isn’t free but there is a free trail you can give a whirl.

Phun Website:
Phun Tutorials:
Phun in action:

If you are looking for something to take your mind off your day to day, Phun is perfect, a small word of warning though, it is highly addictive!

Words by Leon Woud.