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Check out these FIVE new films!


In their third and final year, our Bachelor of Art and Design students work in smaller groups to create an amazing, state-of-the-art short film. Here are five of the newest titles to be created by our 3D Animation and VFX students.


In Scraps, a starving rat who lives in a scrap-yard builds a rocket in the hopes that he will make it to the moon (which he thinks is made out of cheese).

Directed by Technical Director Marnus Nagel, Scraps was created by six third year 3D Animation and Visual Effects students (three technical directors, two compositors, and an animator) over the course of twelve weeks.

Watch Scraps here.

Scraps was created by Marnus Nagel; Jonathan Wendt; Dor Cohen; Haakon Gustavsen; Jaime Moreno; and Navjin Khosravi.


Principium follows an ominous space vessel which drastically changes the universe one planet at a time.

Directed by Chris Hagfors Dahlmo, Principium by Team Moonstone was developed by six third year 3D Animation and Visual Effects students. Says Chris: " I have always liked the idea of creating a sci-fi movie in space, and this school project was a great and unique opportunity to do exactly that."

Check out Principium here.

Principium was created by Chris Hagfors Dahlmo; Xander Kennedy;  Hang Kang; James Robertson; Morten Fredheim; and Rikke Westby.

Asgard Goods

Asgard Goods proves that even the deadliest Viking warrior has to deal with life’s most mundane tasks.

Directed by Asbjorn D. Jenstad, the 22 shots that make up Asgard Goods was completed by a group of five students over the course of 11 weeks. 

Watch Asgard Goods here.

Asgard Goods was created by Asbjorn Dahl Jenstad; Benjamin Williams; Domas Panavas; Eric Forster; and Nanai Tolovae Jr.

Pug of War

It may not be the most conventional (or historically accurate) story, but Pug of War chronicles the adventures of courier dog who is side-tracked from their top secret mission by a trapped cat.

Pug of War was created by five third year Bachelor of Art and Design students here at Media Design School. Director Martin Kemble says of the film: "[Pug of War] presented an exciting challenge of creating something visually unique and we tested ourselves by creating our first ever animated short film."

Watch Pug of War here.

Pug of War was created by Martin Kemble; Joseph Chittock; Taylor Holon; Thomas Olafsen; and Nicole Wong.

The Trocean

Directed by Kristian Arntzen Karijord and his team Laser Bear, The Trocean features a battle-scarred Captain who struggles against the environment of a tree-covered planet to hunt his prey that lurks below.

Fun Fact: When the Captain is chasing his prey, the planet seen in the distance is none other than the planet from the short film Principium!

Check out The Trocean here.

The Trocean was created by Alexander Olsen; Courtney White; Jordan Frost; Kristian Arntzen Karijord; Nicolas Guerrero Arceo; and Sigmund Ruud.