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AdSchool takes on Digital Mobile


Are you ready to laugh? Check out the first in a series of online commercials for Digital Mobile created by our AdSchool students.

This is the first of three online films made by AdSchool for DigitalMobile.

Credits: Cameron Watts & Mark Wilson created the concept, and produced, directed and filmed it.

The school made 10 films in all with the students having to come up with their scripted concepts, then with a zero budget but ample use of their wits, social networks and tenaciousness they filmed, edited and post produced them. The whole project took just under 3 weeks to do. Digitalmobile awarded Samsung Galaxy 3 phones to the top three teams for their films.

AdSchool students have also 7 entries shortlisted at the International Crowbar awards in Singapore.  In the integrated category the students scored 3 out of the 8 finalist places; in the print category 2 out of the 7 finalist places and in the copywriting category The AdSchool goes up against itself with only 2 entries making the shortlist- both of which came from AdSchool.