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A little big competition


Sony offers Media Design School students the opportunity to design levels for the hit game Little Big Planet for the Playstation 3 prior to the release of the game worldwide.

Heard of Little Big Planet? The new PlayStation 3 game released by Sony in November is already a hit. You move your sackboy around some crazy levels and you can more importantly create and share your own levels that you have designed within the game.


Five students took on the challenge and worked for a few hours to create some original, kiwi-inspired levels. The Sony team then judged the three levels that had been created to choose a winning team of two: Alexander Browne and Adam Kerr, both from one of MDS’ 3D Computer Animation class. Difficulty, originality, design elements/ideas and execution were what impressed the Sony team and both received a PSP and some games each for winning the competition. The challenge was overseen by the Games faculty and it was a great opportunity to show to some of MDS’ current students in 3D Animation what the Games industry can be about.