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Industry Connections

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Media Design School’s close relationships with a host of companies in the digital design industry ensures we are contemporary and highly relevant.

There is Nothing like the Real Thing

Integration with the creative industries is one of the cornerstones of Media Design School. In addition to the various creative industry panels (per programme) that moderate curriculum, grade and give feedback on student work, there are a large number of companies that Media Design School works with in supplying live creative briefs for students to work on. Digital design industry experts also come in regularly to give talks and run workshops.

These insightful sessions offer key information on how the digital design industry works, what companies are looking for in graduates, personal anecdotes, ‘tricks of the trade’ and presentations on production pipelines and commercial projects in action. Recent visitors to the school have included Andrew Gordon (Pixar), Shelley Page (Dreamworks), Noah Falstein, Matt Aitken (Weta Digital), Trevor Brymer (Weta Productions) and Kevin Roberts (Saatchi and Saatchi).

When working on live briefs, every year Media Design School students find themselves building websites, designing brand identities, creating titling and motion graphics content and responding to advertising agency briefs for leading players in the design, broadcast and interactive industries.

As we prepare our people for what it is like to be an outstanding professional in the creative industry of their choice, we mirror the applicable studio dynamics. Deadlines are paramount, as is the production pipeline.

The school's tight alignment and involvement with these industries not only means our environment is as close to the real thing as possible, it also allows networking and contact building opportunities for our students with many landing jobs before they’ve even finished the course.

Industry Panels

Every qualification at Media Design School has a respective Industry Panel attached to it, made up of prominent companies in that particular industry. Each Industry Panel is an invited group of four to six industry representatives who communicate with the school in reference to industry trends, hardware and software developments and curriculum content.

The Panels view your final portfolio work at the end of each course, providing feedback and in some cases grades for selected criteria students' are judged on. This feedback is invaluable as it allows you to see just how your work relates to what is going on in the real world.

The Panels are a tremendously valuable source of information as they allow the school to stay ‘tapped in’ to the most current industry perspectives and trends, helping our qualifications to be the most contemporary they can be. And you never know – if you impress someone from your Industry Panel, you might just find yourself working for them once you graduate!

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